Established in 1967, Levendi Jewellers is an internationally renowned, multi-award winning, family owned and operated business.

The family's ongoing dedication, skill and determination to create the finest jewellery has earned the Levendi brand a global reputation.

Jewellery expertly designed and crafted by Levendi is contemporary, yet timeless. Our worldwide reputably sourced diamonds are known for their exceptional cut, colour and clarity and our gemstones for their rarity, beauty and vibrant colours. We also source pearls of the finest quality and highest lustre to produce the most beautiful and highly sought after pieces.

The aim at Levendi is to design and create the most alluring and flawless collections of jewellery to suit your individual desires.

Welcome to LEVENDI

The Meaning of ... LEVENDI

Levendi is the family name, with origins from Homer's Ithaca island in Greece.

In the Greek culture and tradition, to be called a 'Levendi' is to be afforded the highest of compliments. He who is a Levendi is honourable, stoic and full of integrity. The word Levendi is also synonymous with a person who is:

  • Honest
  • Truthful
  • Reliable

Levendi Jewellers are no exception. The words which encapsulate the meaning of the 'Levendi' translate into everything we do, from our exceptional client service, to our finely crafted custom-designed jewellery.

This is our way, for we are LEVENDI