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Pink Diamonds 

Stunning and extraordinarily scarce. In its utter beauty this gem offers more than any other and its value reflects that.

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Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds, arguably the most revered and sought after form of diamond in the world. Currently 90 percent of the world supply of pink diamonds has come from one place, The Argyle Mine in Australia.

However, in 2020 the mine closed and the worlds supply of diamonds have thus been cut off. Meaning these extremely rare gems have only gotten rarer. Like bitcoin or a share in apple, the time to invest was early, and luckily it is still relatively early for pink diamonds. As their value is predicted to continue to rise so  does any potential investments in their ownership.

Therefore this is an opportunity that precedes itself to be lucrative and high in potential.

Pink Diamond Colour & Hues Guide

Colour and hues are the largest determining factors of the value regarding your pink diamond. Simply put, the more vibrant and intense the colour is the greater the value and rarity of the diamond.

Colour ranging from red to blue, rose to pink and everything in between. Each colour holds and innate value with  a special uniqueness like no other gem can offer. The vibrancy of said colour causing an array of beauty that dazzles the eye.

Hue, tone and saturation combine together to manipulate the colour of the diamond. The stronger the hue the more monochrome the stone is. Tone determines the darkness and lightness of the gem, turning light pinks into purples for example. Finally saturation determines the brightness and vibrancy of the gem meaning it can be the biggest determining factor in its rarity and value. All these characteristics merge to produce something of extreme rarity and value.

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