The History of Levendi 

1967 Founded by Sophia and Nicholas Levendi in S Africa
1971 Collaboration with Margaux Hemingway
1981 Opening of Flagship boutique in South Africa
1985 Expand to Sydney Australia 
1990 Incorporate Cellini’s Jewellers
1995 De Beers Diamond Design Award Winners 
1997 International Design award Finalist 
1999 De Beers Double Supreme award Winners
2000 Design and Create Faberge Sydney Egg
2003 Opening new Flagship boutique on Castlereagh St
2005 Diamond Guild Design award winners
2008 Opening of Flagship boutique on King St
2011 Launch of the Levendi Ithaca Watch
2014 Flagship boutique in Elizabeth Street
2015 Double Design award winners
2018 Diamond Guild Awards

Levendi's Craftsmen 

Nick and Sophia LEVENDI quickly established a reputation of exceptional quality and stunning design, culminating in the establishment of Elegance Jewellers in South Africa. This flagship store was voted one of the most beautiful jewellery stores in the world in 1981.


The LEVENDI boutique in the MLC centre 


The family immediately began where they left off in South Africa and quickly earned a reputation of leaders in design, innovation and winning countless prestigious national and international design awards.


Flagship Boutique

The LEVENDI flagship boutique is located in the heart of Sydney CBD at 139 Elizabeth Street.